Experience Revival!

JBM Testimonies

"Your sermons have really completely changed my life!" - Oregon

"The first time I got to the website, I scrolled down and wanted to listen to the first one that interested me..."The Covenant of Healing"....blew me away, and then the next day I listened to the Holy Spirit Baptism because you mentioned something about it in the sermon day before and that was the only thing I was puzzled about. So, that literally was the first I have ever heard of tongues outside of Bible, which I just thought it wasn't for today. Nobody talks about it. In fact, tonight my son, who is 15 listened to it the first time and said the prayer! I told both my kids about it but didnt have them listen to sermon. You explain it much better than I did to them, lol. Next is my daughter, 12 years old next week. Anyway, I could tell you soooo much! God is moving me to my calling and its sooooo exciting! I have been slowly getting more and more people listening to your sermons and my area is going to see some serious Jesus Freaks pretty soon!!!" - Oregon

"Almost every evening I listen to one of your sermons from 2009´┐Żalmost done with the whole year now! I so love all your sermons! Never have I felt so alive in my whole life and FINALLY I feel like there is someone else out there that actually believes that we are headed into a huge time of miraculous sign and wonders!" - Oregon

"I just listened to your message on healing and was really inspired! Thank you!" - Germany

"When my son was illegally arrested and 5 felonies put against him, my family asked you to call me and pray over me, my Son and Grandson. They accused me of hiding my grandson and told me I could go to jail. You prayed over the phone with me and I felt my entire body shake; the Holy Spirit filled my entire body. I felt peace and uplifted like I Have never felt in my life. I felt arms wrapped around me and a warm sensation of someone comforting me. No charges were ever filed against me, and no official ever came to take the baby as we prayed for his protection." - Michigan

"The power of prayer with James Brandt and his ministry through God, the impossible has become possible. God has lined up the right people in our life for all of the answered prayers and blessings we have received in this traumatic part of our life, and the greatest has been James Brandt and his ministry. We will always be eternally greatful to James and our Lord Jesus Christ." - Michigan